Life isn’t bad, it’s sad!

“Please wake up Reva! Look up from destiny’s mess and give life a chance to portray its best to you. For all you know, life isn’t that bad,” he said.
“Life isn’t bad Raunak. It is sad!”

How do I explain my woes to you my dearest! You dream of a beautiful life, the quintessential fairy tale; but I am the child of tears and your image of a happy living would be washed away by these tears. You are a dream that I can never suit, a delusion so beautiful but too far from my reach. However deep you claim to have known me, this space in my life is a stranger to you and this space can never be filled. I am hurt, scarred and tainted. What you witness of me are the ruins of somebody you do not know. My heart is mutilated and it can never recuperate. No philosophy can heal it and no drug can ever fill the wounds. They are deep rooted wounds, the ones that will never heal in order to remind the living corpse of its ailment. You hope to show me colours but the reeking reality of mine, the always revealing scars would make it even harder for you to comprehend me and so, a final goodbye awaits you Raunak. I will never show you my hearts anguish, my tears will never lose their confidence in front of you. I will put forward the most genuine face of euphoria. You will be amazed at this show of vanity but this is essential. It is necessary for me to end and us to culminate in a page of a book that will have to hide in shame, for it is time for a new book to begin sans me while my ruins find a resting place, the least that destiny could do for me.

Copyrights @ 2015, Elsa Thomas.
Picture Courtesy sewcraftyangel

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