For The Shame Of…. Guest Post by Elsa Thomas

My little effort towards the poverty campaign by Fiza Pathan.


For The Shame Of…..
by Elsa Thomas



Every single day, many such faces haunted me. They followed me almost everywhere. They kept searching for me while I tried searching for a hiding place to seek solace, to hide myself from their plight. They were everywhere. They infused their plight into me. Poverty succeeded at the hide and seeks. I felt some kind of a guilt take over me. I could not behave like what the so called protocol expected me to behave as if this was not my business. How could they do so? How could they just turn away from this reality that spread its wrath everywhere, the veracity of which spread into my life like it were some kind of a fungi? Every single encounter with the victims of this monstrous façade provoked the shame in me. The shame of being alive, for the shame of being…

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