Sometimes we do not realize that we are soldiers. Soldiers ,who do not protect the national frontier but soldiers, who fight to keep themselves intact. We are out there 24 x 7, in the hot sun, in the thunders and storms, the avalanches and the rains, safe guarding our mindset, our lives, our time, our thoughts and beliefs from the countless intruders.We try and save our originality when almost everything around us instills a force in our being to mend ourselves for something or someone, for a cause that is never ours, for a cause that will never satiate us. We battle the artificial , the unreal and try proclaim the factual one the victor. We fight it out till the very end, kill the enemy who sometimes are hiding in us and then probably die as martyrs, hoping that our fight does not go wasted and buried without realizing as to whether have we won the battle or not.

Copyrights @ Elsa Thomas 2015

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