The Search For Me


I stood there listening to him for almost an hour. He continued, “You can never lead a happy life unless you are happy. You cannot keep the people around you happy if you are not a satisfied soul. The lost personality that you will remain will destroy many more lives. Just speak up. Just set yourself free. If that home of yours where you dread to return is your problem, leave it. If it was your dominating parents, go ahead and speak your mind to them. If they fail to understand, I need not tell you what you have got to do. Look, you are an independent woman with a confused head. You must sort your issues.” That evening I realized that it was time I did justice to myself.

8 thoughts on “The Search For Me

  1. This is a very impressive work and appropriate for the time we are in. It unmasks the hypocrisy of the so called modern family set ups and the emptiness people carry with them in spite of the distractions and engagements they try to bury themselves into. The author has been able to do justice to such a powerful title ‘The Search for Me’ from a psychological point of view and has narrated it very well. Hats off, well done.

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  2. It’s a wonderful rendition tailor-made for the contemporary society in which we all live. The language used is quite simple .I’ve found some personal elements in quite a few places .It’s indeed a cross section of our society. The story has a well balanced plot as well .I like the young man’s decision and how well he has delivered it to the girl. He is indeed a very matured guy.I wish the writer all the very best in the years to come.

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