The Atypical You

Last night I kept observing our daughter. There was something different about her style of eating. She was doing it the way you did eight years back. I was following the manner in which she kept reloading her plate with the food my mother prepared similar to the way you did when you first came … More The Atypical You

The Search For Me

I stood there listening to him for almost an hour. He continued, “You can never lead a happy life unless you are happy. You cannot keep the people around you happy if you are not a satisfied soul. The lost personality that you will remain will destroy many more lives. Just speak up. Just set … More The Search For Me

The Angel

The school bus waited for her at the corner of the lane. “Bye mom,” she waved out to her mother. Her mother, in her late thirties waved back at her. I never forgot to notice those tears that rolled down her cheeks as she waved out to her daughter. She forced herself to smile. The … More The Angel